Removeddit 2024 – View Deleted Reddit Posts

Do you want to view your deleted Reddit posts with the help of Removeddit? If your answer is YES then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

There might be numerous tools available on the internet allowing you to see your Deleted posts on Reddit but none of them is better than Removeddit.

Since the number of users searching for has increased significantly nowadays, we created a website where we talk about multiple ways to view deleted Reddit posts using Removeddit.

If you have not used Removeddit to view deleted Reddit posts and comments yet then be sure to read this post till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Removeddit?

Removeddit is a web-based tool that is used to retrieve deleted Reddit posts.

If you are looking for an application or tool to view your deleted posts and comments on Reddit, using Removeddit is highly recommended.

Since this website is dedicated to Removeddit only, we would not be talking about other tools here.

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Before you use this tool, let me tell you that Removeddit can only be used to view posts and comments deleted by moderators or bots.

Notably, Removeddit doesn’t show posts such as images, videos and comments deleted by a Reddit user.

how to use Removeddit

Why Do I Need Removeddit?

There are multiple reasons why a Reddit user should use Removeddit but the main reason why you must visit this tool is Reddit does not always send messages to users about post removal.

When a post, image, video or comment is deleted on Reddit, the removal notification or message you usually receive is sent by moderators or bots.

When you use our tool, you will get notified when your posts like images, videos, and comments are deleted by moderators or bots.

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If you want to use Removeddit but don’t know how it works then keep reading this post.

How Do I Use Removeddit To View Deleted Reddit Posts?

Unlike other tools available on the internet, it is pretty easy to view deleted posts and comments on Reddit using Removeddit.

However, if you don’t know the process then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, open the official website of Removeddit.
  2. Once you are on the website, copy the Reddit URL.
  3. Once copied, paste the URL into the search bar and then replace ‘Reddit’ with ‘Removeddit’.
  4. Ex: If you want to view a specific deleted post on Reddit, you simply need to type ‘ post name”
  5. Once typed, hit the Enter button.
  6. When you do so, you will be shown the deleted Reddit posts that you have been looking for.
  7. That’s it.

Is Removeddit True?

Yes, the website Removeddit is a 100% safe and secure website to view deleted posts on Reddit.

There is no denying that Reddit has millions of active users but it does not send notifications to its users when their posts are deleted.

If you are new to Reddit, let me tell you that Reddit is not like other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Unlike other social media platforms, you can’t easily post images and videos on popular subreddits.

If you post something on popular subreddits without meeting their requirements, your posts are most likely to be removed by moderators or bots.

The reason why you should use Removeddit is Reddit does not send notifications to you when your posts are removed.

If you post something on Reddit and want to know whether your posts are removed or not, open the incognito window and visit the subreddit where you posted something.

If you don’t find your posts on that subreddit, it means your posts are either removed by moderators or bots.

If you use Removeddit, you will receive notifications every time when your posts are removed.

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Does Removeddit Show User Deleted Content?

Unfortunately, Reveddit does not show posts deleted by users. With the help of Reveddit, you can view deleted Reddit posts but it would not help you retrieve titles and links of user-deleted submissions.

If you want to retrieve Reddit user-deleted content then you will have to use the Archive service because, in early 2022, Reddit started overwriting the titles and links of three-month-old user-deleted posts.

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  • If content posted on Reddit is deleted by Reddit or a subreddit’s moderator, you can view them using Removeddit.
  • But, if a moderator removed a comment and the same comment has been deleted by the author as well, the comment would not appear on Removeddit.
  • Since the API of Reddit does not allow to show user deleted posts, you can’t see posts deleted by your using Removeddit.

How to Find Out Why Something Was Removed on Reddit?

There are multiple ways that can be used to find out the reasons that led to your post removal.

The easiest method is using the message mods button. When you use this method, the reason for your post’s removal will appear on its flair or in a message on the new Reddit layout.

There are plenty of subreddits that publish their mod logs through u/modlogs or u/publicmodlogs.

Our tool fetches information from these sources frequently. When you click on the removed by the label on Removeddit, you will be shown information like the mod’s name and the reason that led to the post’s removal on Reddit.

To set it up on a subreddit you moderate on Reddit,

  • for u/publicmodlogs — Add this bot as a moderator with no permissions.
  • for u/modlogs — Add this bot as a moderator, give it wiki permissions, and create a config page such as /r/Nottheonion/wiki/modlog_config.

How Can I See Replies to Me That Were Removed?

If you want to know replies to your posts that were removed by moderators or bots on Reddit, you will have to go to

Once you go there, make sure to enable ‘Replies to your comments and ‘Comments on your posts’.

After doing these, don’t forget to uncheck ‘Unsubscribe from all emails’, which can be located at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to stop receiving notifications of a certain post on Reddit, you will have to uncheck ‘Send Me Reply Notifications’, which can be found under the ‘…’ on new Reddit or hit the ‘Disable Inbox Replies’ on old Reddit.

When you do this, you would not receive emails and in-app notifications.

What Does The Unknown Removed Label Mean On Reddit?

The unknown removed label on Reddit appears when Removeddit can’t figureout if something was removed manually by a mod or automatically by an auto mod, Reddit’s spam filter or another bot.

For the unversed, Pushshift is an API that gives full functionality for searching Reddit data, which our tool sometimes fails to retrieve.

Whenever it happens, Reddit users are shown that data is marked as Removed by unknown.

This usually happens when Pushshift capctures the content posted on Reddit and the content is removed after a certain period of time. The removed content is marked as the Unknown Removed label on Reddit.

Apart from this, Reddit users see all contents on the platform marked as Removed when their account is suspended.

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