How to See Deleted Reddit Posts (2024) – Proven Ways

Reddit is a popular social media platform where you can find discussions about almost any topic on Earth. It is even possible for you to see deleted Reddit posts that might have had some information of your interest. 

If a post has been deleted or removed from Reddit, you will see a [removed] or [deleted] notice for it. It is possible for admins, moderators, and other users to delete content on Reddit.

While this might seem pretty conclusive, there is a way to get around it and see the deleted post.

We will explain how to do this in the guide below.

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts?

There are multiple ways to see deleted Reddit posts. You can choose the method that you prefer from the list below.

Google Cache 

If a post has been removed from Reddit, it might still be available on Google Cache. To check if the post is available, search for the post on Google and click on the small green arrow next to the URL. If Google has a cached version of the page, you will be able to see the post.

Archive Sites 

There are multiple Archive sites that can help you see deleted Reddit posts. You can simply go to these websites and enter the URL of the post that you want to see. These websites will display the archived version of the post.


One of the most popular archive sites for Reddit is Unddit. Apart from deleted posts, this site also enables you to see deleted Reddit comments. It even has an indication system that makes it easier for users to identify whether a moderator has removed the post or if it was deleted. 

Wayback Machine

Another great option to retrieve an old removed or deleted post is the Wayback Machine site. This site takes screenshots of all websites online. This way you can still see old posts even if they have been taken down since. is another website that can come in handy when you want to see deleted Reddit posts. You can enter the URL of the deleted post on the site, and it will create an archived version of the page that you can access.

More options for archive sites include Ceddit and Removeddit. All of these options will allow you to see deleted Reddit posts.

Deleted Reddit Post Recovery Tools

There are some websites that offer Reddit recovery services where you can see deleted Reddit posts. These recovery tools archive all the posts that are deleted or removed from Reddit. 

Some popular deleted Reddit post recovery tools include Removeddit, Resavr, and ReSavr.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments 

Another good option to view deleted Reddit posts is the Un-Delete Reddit Comments Chrome extension. You can use it to save Reddit posts and comments for later.

This way any post that is of particular interest to you is preserved and can be accessed by you later. 

Keep in mind that this tool only works if you save a post or comment before it has been deleted. It is not possible to revive deleted posts or comments through this extension.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments extension creates a cache of all the posts that you might want to keep. 

To use this extension, you can download it. Once downloaded, you can go to the Reddit post and click on the extension button.

When you do so, you will now get the option to cache that post. Once it has been cached, you can access that post anytime regardless of whether it is still on Reddit or has been removed/deleted.

These are all the best methods to see deleted Reddit posts. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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