How to Sell Feet Pics in The UK (May 2024)

Want to sell feet pics in the United Kingdom (UK) but don’t know how and where? Well, we have written a guide explaining the entire process in a very simple way.

When it comes to selling feet pics online, you can use multiple websites or apps. Unfortunately, only a couple of websites that allow you to sell feet pics in the UK.

The websites or app that allow to sell feet pics in the United Kingdom are FunwithFeet, FeetFinder, Feetify and some social media platforms.

We will take a closer look at each of these options below, going into their process as well as the pros and cons of using that platform. 

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Let us get started.

Best Platform To Sell Feet Pics In The UK (2024)

Here are some of the best and legit platforms to sell feet pictures in the United Kingdom:


FunwithFeet also allows sellers to keep 100% of their sales without taking any commission. The subscription fees for this platform are non-recurring and inexpensive which can be a major deciding factor for a lot of users .

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You can pay $9.99 for three months or $14.99 for six months to get subscribe and the renewal will only happen with your approval. 

Moreover, FunwithFeet also provides new sellers with promotional boosts like showcasing their profiles on the homepage. This gives new sellers added exposure and allows them to attract more buyers. 

The website is quite user-friendly and offers safe and fast payment options. 

To start selling feet pics on Fun With Feet in UK, follow the simple steps given below. 

  • Create a new FunwithFeet account if you don’t have one.
  • Verify your identity for the account.
  • Set up the payment method.
  • Select the subscription option.
  • Start posting high-quality feet pics and videos and begin selling.

On the downside, the website does experience occasional glitches like slow loading time or being unable to access the inbox. Also, most of the features offered by the platform require you to subscribe. 


There are many advantages of using Feetify to sell feet pics in UK. This platform pays premium sellers for uploading quality feet related content and managing their profile even if you do not make sales. 

Moreover, it allows premium sellers to connect with buyers through the Buyer’s page. You can also sell customized content on this site. 

Feetify does not take any commission on your earrings which means that you can keep everything from your sales on the platform. The platform also also buyers to give cash rewards to premium sellers. 

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Premium sellers can receive direct messages from buyers to discuss their requests. The platform also has its share of male sellers. 

To start selling feet pics on Feetify in UK, you can follow the steps given below. 

  • Visit Feetify’s official site and create an account. This is free for both buyers and sellers.
  • Once you have created an account on Feetify, you can start buying and selling feet photos and videos.
  • While posting content on Feetify, make sure the videos or photos of your feet are unique and of high-quality.
  • If buyers are interested in your feet photos and videos, they will purchase your content.

However, there are also some negative points to consider with Feetify. The premium subscription is worth $49, which is quite costly compared to other platforms.

You will need to make a lot of sales to even cover the cost of the subscription in the beginning.


Reddit is not a platform exclusively dedicated to selling feet pics like FunwithFeet or Feetify. However, it is a platform with a large number of active users and many subreddits dedicated to foot-content.

These include r/feetpics with over 557,000 active members, r/footfetish, r/feet with over 300,000 users, r/feetonly, r/solesandholes, r/feetgirls, and r/feetshowing.

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You will have to read the guidelines for each subreddit before you begin posting your content. Some of the communities do not allow selling feet pics at all. You must search for subreddits with lenient policies, and then look for potential buyers. 


FeetFinder has become a hub for individuals interested in selling foot pictures, offering a dedicated platform for this unique market. 

The account registration process has been designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, simplifying the initial steps for users to get started on their selling journey. 

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Registering on FeetFinder entails providing essential legal details, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for all participants.

To start selling feet pics on FeetFinder, follow the steps given below. 

  • You will first need a FeetFinder account to access its features and begin selling foot pictures. 
  • You need to provide accurate information during registration, including a valid email address, phone number, chosen username, and password.
  • By registering an account on FeetFinder, users are implicitly confirming the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided in their profiles.
  • You must now select a username. You are encouraged to choose a name that adheres to guidelines, ensuring it’s not offensive, infringing upon rights, violating trademarks, or disrupting services. When creating a password, users should opt for a unique combination.
  • Becoming a verified user on FeetFinder carries potential benefits, including the possibility of getting featured on the platform. To attain verification status, users are required to provide a government-issued identification document. This step ensures the verification of age and identity, promoting a safe and secure environment for all users.
  • To start you journey on FeetFinder, you must upload of four high-quality profile images that showcase the feet, body, and face. These images serve as previews for potential buyers.

While the platform has a lot of positives, it also has a set of cons you must consider. You will have to  get the membership to start the process. In addition, the site charges 20% commission on your sales.

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There is also a potential risk of scams on such sites. Lastly, there are a lot of sellers on this site and not enough buyers which makes it tough to be noticed and successfully start selling feet pics. 

Social Media Platforms

You can also use your social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook to sell or promote your feet related content.

Instagram is the best option for such ventures as there is a higher possibility of finding interested buyers on that platform. 

If you want to sell feet pics on Instagram, make sure to have an Instagram page where you only upload content related to your feet. 

Upload your feet pics twice or thrice a day if you want to reach more of your targeted audience interested in buying feet pics from you. 

When uploading posts to your feet pics selling Instagram page, make sure to add proper hashtags and a long 100 words description. This will make sure you reach more audiences.

You need to add keywords and a message to let people know that you are selling feet pics. Then, you can ask them to DM you with a personal request.

You can also use Instagram to sell feet pics you have posted on other platforms like FeetFinder. To do this you can add your profile link in your Instagram bio and let people visit your Feetfinder page.

This is how you can sell Feet pics in UK. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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