FunwithFeet Review: Is It Better Than FeetFinder? (2024)

Selling feet pics and videos is the latest trend on the internet. Yes, there is a whole new market for feet pics, and you can easily make thousands a month by selling them!

It is gaining substantial popularity as users are minting money by selling pictures of their feet. There are plenty of websites where you can sell feet pics. One of them is FunwithFeet.

FunwithFeet Review

As the name of this feet pics website suggests, it delivers a positive and fun experience for buyers and sellers along with money-making opportunities.

Is FunwithFeet Worth It?

There is no question about it as FunwithFeet has received a rating of 4.1 stars on Trustpilot. It is a 100% legitimate and safe website for selling feet pics.

The platform has a good balance between buyers and sellers. Newbies are easily able to find customers for their pics all thanks to the platform’s easy interface and great customer service. 

Another plus factor is that FunwithFeet clearly displays popular categories on its homepage. New sellers are also featured under the “Recently Joined” section. So it is quite easy for buyers to not miss any new content whereas the sellers can easily sell their feet pics.

Why Is FunwithFeet a Good Option?

FunwithFeet Review

FunwithFeet is an up-and-coming foot pic marketplace and it charges a nominal subscription fee — $14.99 for three months or $44.99 for six months.

Compared to this, the other platforms are known to charge higher subscription fees. Sellers on FunwithFeet significantly are higher than those on other platforms.  

FunwithFeet has a vast content creation base that daily posts foot content. The 3 million monthly user fan base makes it easier for newbies to sell their content.  

The website offers resources such as tutorials on capturing the best photos and videos, and tips on marketing and promoting your content. Also how to get started and earn money by selling feet pics.  

FunwithFeet ensures the safety of the seller and buyer and also handles all chargebacks and transaction fees. They are known to invest in advertising to help attract buyers.

FunwithFeet Pros & Cons:

FunwithFeet Review


  • No professional photographer is needed as you can click pics and post them online.
  • Use props to make your pics look professional.
  • Sellers get to keep 100% of what they sell.
  • The monthly subscription fees are quite affordable.
  • It is a safe and reliable platform.
  • Customer support is responsive
  • The categories on the website make it easy to post and sell your foot pics. 
  • You can set your own price to maximise profits
  • Withdrawing money from the FunwithFeet wallet is quick.


  • Some photos and pages take longer to load.
  • One must pay a subscription fee. 
  • To register on FunWithFeet users need to verify their age with an ID.
  • FunWithFeet does not have a mobile app 

How Does FunwithFeet Work?

It is quite simple as you just need to upload and share your content. You will earn a commission on each sale. The more traffic generated by you the more higher will be your commission. You can also make money from private shows.

As soon as you upload your pics users will explore it through the categories — Foot Type, Size, Color, Style and More. 

FunwithFeet Review

If they like something they will purchase your content. For every download, you will receive a commission. Payment will be credited to your account within 24 hours. 

How to Make Money on FunWithFeet

FunwithFeet Review

The amount of money you make on FunWithFeet depends on many factors:

  • Share Varied Content
  • Try to Be active
  • Engage and interact with potential customers
  • Respond quickly to private messages and notifications
  • Accept custom orders 

Why Should You Use FunWithFeet?

There are many reasons that can make FunwithFeet a good website for selling feet pictures:

  • Anonymity: You can sell your feet pics without sharing your personal information. The personal information that you share during registration is kept confidential. 
  • Secure Payment: There are multiple payment options such as PayPal, Segpay, and Paxum for the users to use. FunwithFeet relies on third-party apps for payments so your credit card information is not saved. You can easily withdraw your payments through a bank account.
  • Seller Account Cancellation: It allows users to leave the site. Your personal information will remain as long as you have an active account. 

How to Sign Up on FunwithFeet

The process of signing up on FunwithFeet is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps written below:

  • First, go to their website and click on the “Login” Button that is at the top of the screen.
  • Click on Create Account.
FunwithFeet Review
  • Next, enter your Display Name and Password and other personal information.
  • Verifying your identity with a valid document to show that you are above 18 years.  
  • The verification process completes in 24 hours.
  • Set up your payment method it can be through PayPal or other payment services. 
  • Select Subscription service it can be for 3 or 6 months.  
FunwithFeet Review
  • The fee for a 3-month ($14.99) or 6-month subscription ($44.99).
  • As soon as all the formalities are completed start posting feet pics and videos.

FunwithFeet Seller Reviews

Here are some reviews shared by sellers that will give you the whole picture:

A great site for beginners like me who knew nothing about selling foot pictures. But soon, I was posting multiple pics a day, chatting with customers, and even taking custom orders.

I love the fact that FunwithFeet lets you keep 100% of your money and only charges a small listing fee to keep your sales page running. 

The site is super easy to navigate and well-organized.

Is FunWithFeet Better Than FeetFinder?

Irrespective of whether you use FunwithFeet or FeetFinder, both are amazing websites but FunwithFeet is user and creator friendly website.

Earlier, FeetFinder was massively popular on the internet but now their popularity seems to be fading as they don’t care about their Affiliate or creators.

Apart from ignoring their messages or emails, they have a very long process to withdraw your Affiliate Income from FeetFinder.

As compared to FeetFinder, I found FunwithFeet amazing platform to promote and sell feet pics.


FunwithFeet is quite legit as there has been not a single complaint about its authenticity to date. This makes it the perfect platform for foot enthusiasts to buy and sell feet pics and videos.

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