‘My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her’ Reddit Story Explained (2024)

The Am I The A**hole subreddit has once again sparked viral interest with a recent post titled ‘My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her.’ 

The story, which has spread across platforms like TikTok and Twitter, recounts a heartbreaking tale of loss and escalating tensions within a family.

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What is the ‘My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her’ Reddit story?

The original post, dated June 28, 2023, has been deleted from the Am I The A**hole subreddit, but copies have surfaced on other subreddits. 

The story revolves around a 34-year-old woman, the OP, and her husband Mark, who tragically lost their baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy. 

Grieving and desiring solitude, the OP made it clear that she did not want to talk or receive any visits. 

However, her sister-in-law, Ella, persistently sent food deliveries and messages of support, which only served to frustrate the OP.

Describing Ella as a “typical annoyingly bubbly girl,” the OP’s irritation grew as her husband praised Ella’s thoughtfulness. 

Things took a dramatic turn when Ella proposed to delay her wedding to the OP’s brother by six months due to the sensitive circumstances.

She wanted the OP to be emotionally ready to attend the wedding without facing difficult questions about her loss. 

Ella’s suggestion and offer to shop for a new dress together proved to be the breaking point, and the OP lashed out, using offensive language and accusing her sister-in-law of seeking sympathy at her expense.

The story became even more complicated when the OP’s brother posted his side of the story on Reddit. 

He accused OP of being racist, claiming that she had made derogatory comments about Ella and implied that her lifestyle was detrimental to her pregnancy.

The Reddit post elicited various reactions from users. Some criticized the OP’s behavior, while others expressed sympathy for her loss but condemned her treatment of others. 

On TikTok, users expressed disbelief and shock at the intensity of the family drama, with many questioning the authenticity of the story.

“Sorry for your loss but that’s not how you treat people,” one user commented.

“If I was in your family I would make a note to never, ever attempt to be nice to you,” another person shared.

“Your Future Sister in Law sounds delightful and you sound like you are and were always miserable,” a third person noted.

While the authenticity of the story remains a topic of speculation, the ‘My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her.’ has certainly generated a lot of diverse opinions with the community divided between sympathy for the OP and sympathy for her sister-in-law.

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