This FunwithFeet Model Makes $5000 A Month By Selling Feet Pics (2024)

Chrissy, a 32-year-old creator with a passion for unique content, has carved out a niche in the world of foot photography. 

Her journey of creating erotic content and foot photography on the website FunwithFeet might have raised a few eyebrows but it has also generated a substantial income for the content creator.

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Chrissy doesn’t just create regular foot content but also caters to custom requests. She recently created feet pictures inspired by The Hobbit for a dedicated Lord of the Rings fan.  

Over the past three years, Chrissy’s creative venture has evolved from a simple source of extra income into a thriving enterprise. 

Her foot photography pursuits on FunwithFeet yield an impressive average of $5,000 in monthly sales. This unique content creation has now become Chrissy’s full-time occupation for the past six months.

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While Chrissy has earned a lot of money selling feet pics on FunwithFeet, she has maintained her anonymity throughout the venture. While other platforms can compromise on anonymity, FunwithFeet allowed her to maintain the confidentiality. 

Chrissy took up to selling feet related content during the pandemic. As she worked as a hairdresser and a bartender, her earning was severely limited. 

Chrissy revealed, “I wasn’t sure if I’d have work the next week. That’s when I began exploring other options and stumbled upon Fun with Feet.”

Her content ranged from toe-resting shots on smooth stones to nail salon aesthetics. Chrissy’s initiation into foot photography was marked by a debut post showcasing a French-style pedicured feet. 

The platform’s feed feature allowed potential buyers to explore her offerings before reaching out to commission personalized content.

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Chrissy initially invested significant time into engaging buyers through conversations. Chrissy’s commitment to her foot photography venture is evident in her dedicated work hours. 

Spending three to five hours a day, five to six days a week, she meticulously caters to custom photo and video requests. 

From capturing artistic visuals to mailing used socks to clients who are willing to pay up to $500 for them, Chrissy maintains her professionalism while setting clear boundaries against inappropriate requests.

Her pricing structure, ranging from $300 to $500 for custom content, ranges according to the specifics of each request. 

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Whether it’s a French pedicure or specific nail polish colors, the fees reflect her attention to detail. Special requests, such as the “Lord of the Rings”-inspired video, command premium rates.

Chrissy creates videos of different lengths ranging from brief 30-second videos to extended 5-minute features. 

She creates her video and photo content on an iPhone. Chrissy has even evolved her content by experimenting with voice-over videos. 

These unique elements add an additional layer of quality and cater to specific viewers who find themselves drawn to the content.

Looking ahead, Chrissy envisions an enduring career in foot photography. Her unyielding commitment to engaging with customers ensures that she has a long and prosperous career. 

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