My Daughter Betrayed Me Reddit Post Explained (2024)

A Reddit post with the intriguing title “My Daughter Betrayed Me” has taken the internet by storm, capturing the attention of users worldwide. 

In this post, a user opens up about a complicated family situation and seeks advice and opinions from the Reddit community.

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What is the My daughter betrayed me Reddit post?

The heart of the story revolves around the user’s past romantic experiences and the upcoming wedding of their daughter. 

The post falls under the category of “AITA” or “Am I The A**hole,” where users share personal stories and ask the community to determine whether they are at fault in a given situation.

The post, titled “AITA for not paying for my daughter’s wedding because she invited my brother and his family,” was submitted by a 46-year-old individual. 

The user shares that when they were 20 years old, their girlfriend cheated on them with their own brother. Despite cutting ties with the brother, the user’s family maintained contact with him.

The user emphasized, “I told them that I will never again be in the same place as he is. If they wish to invite both, then they should just invite him.”

The narrative took an interesting turn when the user’s daughter announced her plans to get married the following year. 

Explaining that both parents are expected to contribute equally to the wedding costs, the user expresses shock when their daughter reveals her intention to invite the same brother and his family (who is now married to the user’s cheating ex-girlfriend). 

The daughter also wants her cousin to be the flower girl at the wedding. Furious about the idea of their brother being present, the user makes it clear that they won’t pay for their part of the wedding if he’s invited. 

A heated argument ensues, with the daughter accusing the user of dwelling on the past. The user stands their ground, asserting that it’s not the daughter’s decision to make. 

Despite their daughter’s tears, the user even contemplates not attending the wedding. The user’s ex-wife, parents, and even their current girlfriend advise them to reconsider and apologize, labeling them as the “a**hole” in this situation.

How Did Reddit Respond To “My daughter betrayed me” Reddit Post?

The Reddit post triggered a large number of responses as users weighed in on the difficult family dynamics. The opinions were polarized, reflecting the complexity of the situation.

One user sided with the original poster, stating that the daughter had betrayed them by choosing someone who had broken their trust years ago.

They expressed that if the daughter wanted the uncle at the wedding, he should contribute financially.

On the other hand, some users disagreed with the original poster’s stance. They noted that while feelings of betrayal were valid, blowing up a relationship with a daughter over a past incident might not be worth it.

Other users questioned why the user’s daughter was connecting with someone who had betrayed their own father. 

That is all about the My daughter betrayed me Reddit post. What is your take on the situation? 

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