FeetFinder Referral Code (April 2024) – Get 10% Discount

FeetFinder referral code is something that can get you 10% discount on every sale made on this feet pics website.

Notably, you will only get 10% commission if a person who is making sales on FeetFinder used your referral code at the time of signing up on FeetFinder.

FeetFinder referral code is especially for feet creators or wish to buy feet pics on FeetFinder. Before you sign up on FeetFinder and share your referral code on social media, let me tell you that you can’t withdraw money earned through its referral program.

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If you are a blogger or YouTuber and wish to make money by promoting FeetFinder or FunwithFeet, I advise you to use their affiliate program.

Once you have earned enough commission on FeetFinder, you can withdraw your money through SegaPay or Paxum. Unfortunately, the process of withdrawing money from Paxum is a bit confusing and tiring.

There is no denying that FeetFinder gives 25% commission, which is a bit better than FunwithFeet but if you want to withdraw money without any torture or struggle, I suggest you to use FunwithFeet Affiliate Program.

Since this post is all about FeetFinder referral code, we would not talk much about either FeetFinder affiliate program or FunwithFeet affiliate program.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Use FeetFinder Referral Code

The process of using FeetFinder referral code is very simple. Those who don’t know the process must follow these simple steps:

  • First, visit FeetFinder’s official site.
  • After visiting the site, click on the Sign up button.
  • When you do so, you will be asked to fill some basic information like username, email ID, password and referral code, country and more.

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  • There, you need to use FeetFinder referral code. The last seven digits of the following link is your FeetFinder referral code — 1RNK00E.
  • https://feetfinder.com/?referral=1RNK00E
  • Now, enter ‘1RNK00E’ in the Referral Code field.
  • Once entered, click on the ‘I’m not a robot‘ checkbox and then tick on ‘I agree to all terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
  • After that, you need to click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • When you do so, your FeetFinder account will be created.
  • That’s it.

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How Does FeetFinder Referral Code Work?

When you use the above mentioned FeetFinder referral code while by buying its subscription, you will get 10% discount.

Once you have successfully created an account on FeetFinder, the first thing you should do is generate your own referral code and share it with your friends and followers on social media asking them to use it to buy and sell feet pics.

When they use your FeetFinder referral code to sign up on this leading feet pics website, you will earn a commission which can be seen in the top right corner of the screen.

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If people are signing up on FeetFinder using your referral link, they don’t need to enter referral code manually. Yes, it will automatically be entered.

Example: If you share your FeerFinder referral link or code with your friend and he or she signs up using it.

After signing up, if your friend makes a sale of $100 on FeetFinder, your friends will get $80 and the remaining 20$ will be shared between FeetFinder and you.

That’s everything you need to know about FeetFinder referral code or link.

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