FeetPics.com Review (May 2024): Is It Safe To Sell Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics is a profitable if conventional method for a lot of content creators to earn a side income.

Platforms like Feetpics.com can be a good place for this but you must first take a look at the reviews for the site to know if it is actually worth investing time and effort on. 

Let us take a closer look at the functioning of Feetpics and explore the reviews of sellers on the site. 

What is FeetPics?

FeetPics is a platform, similar to FeetFinder and FunwithFeet, where users can buy and sell feet pics. While the platform appears legitimate at first glance, it does not mean that it is a profitable platform as well. 

To judge whether one should go to the trouble of creating an account on FeetPics, we have accumulated FeetPics reviews left by sellers on Trustpilot.

The FeetPics seller reviews were a mixed bag, with positive as well as negative reviews. However, there were a lot more negative reviews compared to the positive ones. 

FeetPics Trust Pilot Reviews

Let us take a look at some of Feetpics Trust Pilot reviews:

“Honestly not good at all sorry to say., there’s no way to send pics or videos on the site even once you’ve paid and verified you can still only chat, every single one of the people that message me was a scam which is very disheartening have cancel my sub and emailed them about it but I will be moving to another site to try again., I started using the site on the 14 and cancelled on the 18th as I was sick of getting scammers message me all the time.”

“I recommend this site as a secured and safety place to get anything feet not like other sites and app.”

“Don’t bother trying to sell on there it’s full of scammers and you don’t ever get an honest buyer and don’t make any money. Don’t waste your time!!”

“What a dumb website!! Waste of money to open an account! This website should be banned from being used!”

As you can see, the negative reviews for the site are much higher than the positive ones. FeetPics has a 3.9 TrustScore on TrustPilot which is not great. 

This indicates that not a lot of sellers are making a lot of money through the platform and are unable to find genuine buyers instead of scammers. 

While there is not a lot of information about how much the sellers are making by selling feet pics on the platform, we can assume from the reviews that it is not an entirely satisfactory experience.

How to Get Started on FeetPics?

If you still want to try out FeetPics, the process to get started is relatively simple and quite similar to other platforms like OnlyFans or FeetFinder

First, you will need to register your account on FeetPics.com. This requires information like your email address, username, and password.

You will also be required to fill in your personal information like name, age, etc on the seller’s page once you have registered. 

While you can choose not to provide these details, they contribute to making your account look more professional. 

Unlike FeetFinder and FunwithFeet, there are no monthly subscription fees on FeetPics. To get your account listed on the platform as a seller, you only need to pay a one-time fee of $9

This will list your profile on the website and buyers can contact you if they find your page appealing. To ensure this, you must post high-quality content and employ SEO optimization.

Lastly, you also need to verify your FeetPics account so that you can gain more buyers as they will know you are a trustable seller. 

The verification process is also put in place to determine whether you are of an appropriate age to become a seller on FeetPics. This is done to ensure the safety and security of minors that may stumble upon the platform. 

This is all about FeetPics and its reviews. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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