Ceddit: How To Read Deleted Reddit Comments (May 2024)

Wondering what is Ceddit and its alternatives? You will find the answers in this article. 

Ceddit is a popular online tool that allows users to view deleted comments and posts on the social media platform Reddit. 

Let us find out more about Ceddit and its alternatives below. 

What Is Ceddit?

When a post or comment is deleted on Reddit, it is typically no longer visible to users. However, Ceddit allows users to bypass this restriction and access deleted content. 

This online service utilizes the Reddit API (Application Programming Interface) to retrieve data from Reddit. 

It acts as a mirror for Reddit, capturing and storing posts and comments in its own database. When a post or comment is deleted on Reddit, it is often still accessible through Ceddit.

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To use Ceddit, simply visit the Ceddit website and enter the URL of the Reddit post or comment you want to view. It will then retrieve the data from its database and display it to you, including any deleted content. 

This allows users to see the original content and engage in discussions that may have been removed or hidden by moderators.

Ceddit can be particularly useful in situations where important or controversial information has been deleted from Reddit. 

It allows users to review and analyze deleted content, providing a more comprehensive view of discussions and events on the platform. 

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In addition, it can also be helpful for verifying claims made by users or identifying potential instances of censorship.

However, it’s important to note that Ceddit has its limitations. While it can display deleted content, it cannot retrieve content that has been permanently removed from Reddit’s servers. 

Additionally, Ceddit may not capture content from certain private or restricted subreddits. Alongside Ceddit, there are several alternative tools available that serve a similar purpose. 

Let us take a look at some of the best Ceddit alternatives below.

Best Ceddit Alternatives (2023)

While Ceddit is a popular tool, there are several alternatives available that offer similar functionality. We have listed these below. 


Best Ceddit Alternatives

Removeddit is a widely used alternative to Ceddit. Like Ceddit, it allows users to view deleted content on Reddit. 

By visiting the Removeddit website and entering the URL of a deleted Reddit thread, users can see the original content along with the deleted comments. 

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Removeddit offers a simple and straightforward interface, making it easy to access and review deleted content.


Best Ceddit Alternatives

Reveddit is another tool that serves as an alternative to Ceddit. With Reveddit, users can view deleted posts and comments on Reddit. 

It works by capturing and archiving Reddit threads before they are deleted, similar to Ceddit and Removeddit. 

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Reveddit also includes a feature that allows users to search for specific keywords within the deleted content, making it easier to find relevant information.


Pushshift is a comprehensive tool that offers various functionalities related to Reddit. It includes a feature called “API search,” which allows users to search for deleted posts and comments on Reddit. 

By using specific search parameters, users can retrieve deleted content based on criteria such as subreddit, time frame, or keywords. 

Pushshift provides a powerful way to access and analyze deleted content on a larger scale.

Wayback Machine

Best Ceddit Alternatives

Wayback Machine is a well-known web archiving tool that can also be used to access deleted Reddit content. 

By entering the URL of a specific Reddit thread into the Wayback Machine search bar, users can view cached versions of the thread, including the deleted content. 

Wayback Machine is not specifically designed for Reddit, but it can be a useful alternative when other tools are unavailable or do not provide the desired results.

In conclusion, Ceddit, along with its alternatives such as Removeddit, Reveddit, Pushshift, and Wayback Machine, offer valuable ways to view deleted content on Reddit. 

These tools promote transparency, accountability, and the ability to revisit discussions that have been removed. 

However, it is important to use these tools responsibly and respect the privacy and intentions of other Reddit users.

This is all you need to know about Ceddit and its alternatives. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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