Reddit r/place: How To Participate In It (May 2024)

Reddit is an online network of communities where users can interact with like-minded people and most often find solutions to their problems.  It is a social news website where content is curated by site members and also promoted. 

As per the latest information, Reddit is bringing back its popular collaborative project r/Place. Now you must be wondering what Reddit r/Place is and how to participate in it.

If you have these questions in your mind then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

What Is Reddit r/place?

Those not well-versed in Reddit culture must be wondering what is r/Place. It is a collaborative project where individual users come together to edit pixels on a giant canvas. The 2023 version of r/Place is taking place on July 20th. 

This is not the first version as the r/Place experiments took place way back in 2017 and 2022. The final canvases of 2017, and 2022 were fascinating pieces of artwork: country flags, memes, and video game iconography all smashed together into colorful pixel collages.

For the unversed, Reddit r/place was first initiated by Reddit on April Fool’s Day in 2017. The first r/Place took place in 2017 and was a fascinating amalgamation of collective artistry. It was a 1000×1000 pixel grid where each registered user had the ability to change the color of a pixel every five minutes. 

Within 72 hours, the blank grid was filled with national flags, famous artworks, company logos, and more all thanks to a collaborative attempt by the Reddit community. The second r/Place took place in 2022 on April Fools’ Day and the third is being held on July 20th 2023.

How Long Does Reddit r/Place Last? 

Reddit r/Place began on April 1, 2017, and ended on April 3, 2017. It lasted exactly for 72 hours or 3 days to be exact.

How To Participate in Reddit r/place?

To participate in Reddit r/place, a user should have a Reddit account. Each user can click on one pixel on a square grid that consists of more than 4 million pixels.

To begin, the user should create a design that could be a symbol or a phrase associated with the topic. Once you have established your design, use the color palette to create your image. Click on any pixel to change its color. 

Post changing the color, you have to wait for the cooldown period of five minutes before placing another pixel. During this time, your pixel can be undone many times. Therefore in order to create a perfect picture, subreddits have to coordinate.

This is to make sure their users are clicking and coloring together. In this manner, due to the collaborative attempt, they will not lose a single pixel. Rallying other Redditors increase the chances of your artwork surviving.  

As the Redditors had to work together to create anything the end result was a mixture of cooperation and conflict.

There are no administrators to keep check the policing is done by the users themselves. The experiment is considered a successful social experiment by Reddit. It not only challenged users to collaborate but also to plan and negotiate. In this manner, showcasing their creativity in a short time span.   

Some Important Events That Took Place on r/Place:

Here are some memorable moments that took place on Reddit r/Reddit as of now:

Flags Everywhere

There were a lot of flags on the r/place canvas. There were some obvious ones, like the Ukraine flag that was supported by everyone. But even smaller subreddits carved space for their flags. 

The Void

The Void is a black-hole-like shape that first appeared in 2017. It selects an area on the canvas and starts deleting the art around it with black dots. This was till the victimized subreddit is forced to give up.

The White Out

On April 4th around 8 pm, the only color available to select on r/place became white. Soon pixels began to be removed and the entire canvas went completely blank. 

Some Noteworthy Pieces of Art on Reddit r/place:

A group of users came together to depict an unusual portrait that was related to the topic. Redditors filled pixels together to form the final image. 

Another was the creation of The Flag where Redditors from all over the world contributed to the creation of this digital flag together.

A third outcome was The Memes project. Various known memes were recreated showcasing humor and creativity.

In conclusion, r/place has significantly influenced online collaboration, digital art, and cultural interchange and demonstrated the power of Reddit as a platform for collective action and creativity.

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