Theodore Barrett’s Wife, Kids & All You Need To Know (2024)

Theodore Barrett, an American deputy press secretary, is currently the center of attention. In a 2008 viral video on social media, he is seen casually talking about his wife’s tragic accident in which she passed away.

The video of Theodore Barrett’s left the netizens shocked and many are scanning the internet for more information on Barrett. Here is all you need to know about Theodore Barrett and his family.

Despite the loss of his wife, the Deputy Press Secretary was seen moving on to other topics.  He failed to express any grief on her demise.

Barett has been criticized by netizens for sharing the news of his wife’s demise sans any emotion. He is being called rude on social media.

People are now searching online for more information on Theodore’s present whereabouts. They also wish to know more about his wife’s tragic demise. 

Theodore Barrett Age & Career

Theodore Barrett holds the position of deputy press secretary for the White House an esteemed position in the American government. Though he has dedicated his life to serving the nation there is very little known about his personal or professional life.

It is not known whether he still holds the position of Deputy Press Secretary for the White House. But his high-level government position and vast knowledge demonstrate his dedication to the welfare of the nation.

There is also no information regarding Theodore Barrett’s date and place of birth nor his actual age. But looking at his pictures it seems he is around 50 years. There is no information about his educational background or when and where he graduated from college. 

Theodore Barrett’s Wife Janie Accident Details

Here is the twist that will leave you shocked for sure the viral video of Theodore Barrett holding a press conference hours after his wife’s death is actually fake news. It is the work of the satirical news site The Onion. 

The footage of Theodore Barrett’s news conference is phony, as he is just a fictional character. He is just an actor playing the role of the deputy press secretary. An actor who works for The Onion. But the real name of the actor has not been revealed as yet.   

 As Theodore Barrett is a fictitious character his wife Jennie Barrett is also a fictional character. As both Theodore Barrett and Jennie Barrett do not actually exist, there is no information on how Jennie Barrett may have died.  

This is not the only video of the person named Theodore Barrett. There are several more such videos found on the official YouTube channel of the Onion.  

FYI: In 2008, George W Bush was the President of the United States, and Dana Perino was the Press Secretary. The Deputy Press Secretaries were Tony Fratto, Scott Stanzel, and Gordon Johndroe who did press briefings

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