Am I Ugly Reddit: What Is It & Why You Should Use It? (April 2024)

A decade-old Reddit Thread named Am I Ugly is active once again. The Thread is all about sharing an unfiltered picture of yourself and asking for feedback. The Reddit Thread has taken over the platform with many sharing their pics and requesting an honest opinions on it. 

Am I Ugly Reddit

It is no secret that content shared on social media is seen by millions. So people who have been sharing their pictures on Reddit with its thread called ‘Am I Ugly.’ have users coming out in support of them. This act has given a dose of confidence to people sharing their pics.

What Is The ‘Am I Ugly’ Thread All About?

Am I Ugly Reddit

The Am I Ugly Thread was formed in 2010. It asks people to share their pics and allows other Redditors to let you know what they think about their pics. The main idea of this thread is to get an honest opinion of about your appearance. 

To share a pic and allow yourself to be judged by others takes a lot of courage for sure. But this may be the only place where you can get an honest answer. 

Am I Ugly Threads Boost Confidence:

Am I Ugly Reddit

Posts such as ’32 feeling ugly after kids. Am I? Just woke up before shower verification’ and many more received responses from users. One wrote,  do not worry as you look pretty and no older than your age. Another shared that there is no reason to worry as you still got it. Some wrote you are not ugly some said that you are still looking good. This gave a positive boost of confidence to the person who shared their pics. 

Most of them were quite honest with their opinion and this also boosted confidence among the ones who shared their pics with positive reviews. Though some were negative but the positive responses outweighed the negative easily.

There Are More Threads To Be Read on Reddit:

Am I Ugly Reddit

As we know Am I Ugly is not the only thread viral on Reddit, there are many more such Reddit Threads. Posts such as ‘My daughter betrayed me‘ wedding scandal, ‘My wife hates my female best friend‘, ‘I cancelled my brother’s wedding because of a joke his fiance made,’ and more have also been viral on the platform.

If you are someone who enjoys such posts then Reddit is the place for you to be on.

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