Is ‘Reddit Is Fun’ Shutting Down (2024)? – ANSWERED

Is ‘Reddit Is Fun’ shutting down? Find out the fate of the popular third-party app in this article.

‘Reddit Is Fun’ is a third-party mobile app that provides users with a convenient and user-friendly way to access the popular social media platform, Reddit. 

It is available for Android devices and offers a range of features that enhance the Reddit experience on mobile.

Users can browse their favorite subreddits with the help of this app. It provides all the features that you would get while using Reddit through a browser like the ability to interact with posts, comments, and discussions. 

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You can also access features like multireddits, messaging, and the ability to upvote or downvote content. 

With the app’s minimalistic and user-friendly interface, it allows users to navigate through Reddit with ease. 

However, recently ‘Reddit Is Fun’ has faced a lot of speculation about shutting down. Is there any truth to the speculations? Find out more below. 

Is ‘Reddit Is Fun’ Shutting Down?

Reddit Is Fun is the latest app that is shutting down due to the new API pricing from Reddit. The app shut down on June 30th which is the same day that popular app Apollo for Reddit shut down as well.

Apart from these apps, RedPlanet and Sync are also shutting down. The developers behind ‘Reddit Is Fun’ explained the decision in a message on r/redditisfun saying RIF is shutting down  “in response to Reddit Inc’s API changes and their hostile treatment of developers building on their platform.”

They further stated that Reddit has “unfortunately shown a consistent unwillingness to compromise on all points”. These include the decision to block ads across third-party apps as well as removing all explicit content from these apps even though this content is still up in Reddit’s official apps.

The developers of RedPlanet and Sync expressed similar sentiments about their apps shutting down. 

The shutdown of ‘Reddit Is Fun’ comes in response to Reddit’s API policy change. After a lot of subreddits went private to protest the API changes that can make it almost impossible for third-party apps to survive, a number of apps have decided to shut down.

The shut down while unfortunate, is not at all surprising. The new prices have made it difficult for a majority of third-party apps to survive. 

For example, Apollo developer Christian Selig revealed in a detailed post that his expected costs chalk up to $20 million which will make it almost impossible for him to keep the app afloat. 

The communities on Reddit are memorializing the app with a lot of comments pouring in. A user stated, “Thank you for being my most used app for nearly a decade”. 

Community members have been expressing their appreciation food the app and its developers through messages, GIFs, and memes. 

There are similar messages pouring in from the community even though the ‘Reddit Is Fun’ community has been in a restricted mode for nearly three weeks. 

While it is bad news for ‘Reddit Is Fun’ fans, not all apps are folding in the face of the new API changes. A few accessibility-focused apps like RedReader, Dystopia, and Luna have been exempted from the API charges. So, these apps will be available without a subscription.

Meanwhile, apps like Narwhal and Infinity will now be available to users with a subscription only. In addition, ’Relay For Reddit’ and ‘Now For Reddit’ will also continue on the platform. 

However, a lot of apps that have been around for years will face shut down as a result of Reddit’s new API policy. 

This is everything that you need to know about is ‘Reddit Is Fun’ shutting down. We hope that this guide answered all of your queries. 

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