Is Reddit Is Fun Still Working (2024)? – Answered

Reddit is a widely popular platform that serves as a valuable source of information for a diverse range of users. With millions of active users and continual growth, it has established itself as a prominent website.

However, Reddit has recently been a platform that has faced user outrage and developer protests due to its decisions. 

Recently, Reddit implemented a policy change in regard to the usage of third-party applications. These changes have essentially made it impossible for most third-party apps to continue providing their services through Reddit. 

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This resulted in numerous subreddit blackouts. Despite the discontent caused by this ban, Reddit remains firm in its decision. 

Consequently, a number of third-party applications are gradually shutting down.

Let’s delve deeper into why third-party applications are ceasing their operations and whether there is a possibility of their return.

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What is Reddit Is Fun?

Reddit Is Fun is a third-party app available on the Google Play Store, allowing users to access Reddit functionalities. It offers users various features, including notifications for subreddit posts.

Reddit Is Fun primarily serves as a means for users to keep up with posts in their favorite subreddits. The application presents a fast and user-friendly interface for browsing

Users appreciate the app’s ability to streamline information and keep them up to date with their preferred subreddits.

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Is Reddit Is Fun still working?

Regrettably, Reddit Is Fun is no longer operational, and the app is unavailable for download from the Play Store. The third-party application ceased functioning on June 30th, 2023.

The Reddit Is Fun mod and developers officially announced the shutdown on their subreddit.

The discontinuation of Reddit Is Fun is a direct consequence of recent policy changes regarding the use of third-party applications for Reddit.

Many Reddit users opted for third-party apps to enhance their experience and avoid excessive advertisements featured in the official Reddit app.

However, Reddit’s decision to change its policies for third-party apps has faced significant backlash.

A month ago, several subreddits staged a blackout as a form of protest against this ban.

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It is still possible to utilize third-party applications for Reddit, but it now comes with a subscription fee.

This resembles the approach taken by Twitter, which also restricted third-party API usage unless a subscription fee was paid.

The subreddit Apolloapp calculated the costs involved, revealing a substantial amount of 20 million dollars for the required number of user requests.

Even at a subscription rate of $2.50 per month, Apolloapp concluded that it would still incur losses.

While Reddit Is Fun no longer functions due to the ban on third-party apps, the demand for such applications persists. 

It might be possible that we may see a version of Reddit Is Fun in the future. For now though, RIF is definitely not working with no plans of revival in the near future. 

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