Reddit Dark And Darker (April 2024): All You Need To Know

In a significant development for the much-anticipated Diablo-esque fantasy RPG Dark and Darker, Ironmace, the developer behind the game, has confirmed a new distributor. 

The game, which had been involved in legal controversies, will now see its official launch through Chaf Games, signaling an exciting chapter for both the game’s creators and eager players.

After a series of setbacks, Dark and Darker is finally on the brink of becoming available in early access, with the launch date set for August 7. 

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Despite facing hurdles including legal disputes and store removals, Ironmace has remained committed to bringing their creation to fruition.

The game’s journey took an unexpected turn when its former publisher, Nexon, filed a lawsuit against Ironmace, alleging similarities between Dark and Darker and an unannounced game codenamed P3. 

This legal dispute led to the game’s removal from multiple platforms, including the Steam storefront.

Despite these challenges and even reports of a police raid, Ironmace has stood resolute, unwavering in its determination to deliver Dark and Darker to the eager gaming community.

In a recent announcement made through the game’s Discord channel, the Dark and Darker team revealed that they have successfully secured a distribution partner: Chaf Games. 

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Developers confirmed this partnership by expressing gratitude for Chaf Games’ support and assistance in preparing for the game’s release.

Players interested in experiencing the captivating world of Dark and Darker can now do so through Chaf Games’ website. 

The game is available for purchase in two editions: the Standard Edition at $35 and the Founders Edition at $50. 

Opting for the Founders Edition grants players the esteemed title of ‘Trailblazer,’ a status that appears to provide access to future content, specifically new dungeons that await exploration.

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Despite the anticipation surrounding the game’s imminent launch, the listing on Chaf Games’ website currently states “coming soon,” keeping the excitement alive for eager players.

Amid discussions within various Reddit threads, caution has been urged against downloading third-party clients posing as the game’s launcher. 

Graysun himself debunked these claims, referencing a forthcoming Dark and Darker launcher that suggests the game will have its dedicated downloadable client for enhanced user experience.

Ironmace’s CEO, Terrance Park, confirmed that the game is indeed set to launch in early access on August 7, dispelling rumors and offering clarity. 

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Additionally, Park emphasized that Chaf Games is primarily responsible for distribution and not the new publisher of Dark and Darker.

Looking ahead, Ironmace envisions a return of Dark and Darker to the Steam platform. Park expressed the team’s unwavering commitment, emphasizing that the game was meticulously crafted by Ironmace and stands as a testament to their dedication.

As the countdown to the early access launch of Dark and Darker continues, players are left eagerly awaiting the chance to immerse themselves in a rich RPG experience. 

With a new distributor in the picture, Dark and Darker promises to be a compelling addition to the world of fantasy RPGs. 

That is all the information currently available about Dark and Darker through Reddit and other platforms. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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