Is Boost For Reddit Still Working (April 2024)? – Answered

Boost for Reddit lets you customize your browsing experience on Reddit. Users can easily choose between several types of interfaces as it is quite similar to Relay and Sync. But sadly Boost for Reddit has stopped working since July.

Why Has Boost For Reddit Stopped Working?

Boost For Reddit Not Working

Boost For Reddit stopped working after July 1. The developers have cited the high API fees as one of its biggest hurdles.

Ever since Reddit announced its API changes, third-party apps have been protesting against the hike. More than 8000 subreddits that have millions of followers made their pages private as a sign of protest.

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Moderators of some of the largest communities even penned open letters to the company. They have asked them to find a way so that the third app parties can remain functional with afforadable returns. 

The best example is the Apollo developer Christian Selig. He claims that with the new pricing, it will cost him around $20 million dollars every year. 

Reddit CEO refuses to budge and has also asked his employees not to worry. He said that this will not have any significant impact on their revenue as third-party apps were not adding much value to the platform.  

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What is Boost For Reddit?

Boost For Reddit Not Working

The Boost for Reddit app is designed to make browsing easier. It allows users to select different view modes per subreddit including Slide show to swipe between posts, an Image gallery for image-based subreddits, ease of navigation, fewer bugs and more

Boost For Reddit offers push notifications using the official Reddit app. Using it is quite easy just Install the official Reddit App and sign in with the same account.

It will soon show notifications when a push notification from Reddit is received. Its features included powerful filters, colour-coded comments, navigation buttons, and multiple widget options to create that perfect look.

What Are The New API Changes?

As per the new changes:

  • Reddit will charge the third-party apps fees for using the API to access content generated by users.
  • No S****lly explicit content for third-party apps.
  • No ads in third-party apps.
Boost For Reddit Not Working

The new price of the API is usage-based ($0.24 per 1000 API requests). This means that there is no limit to how much it can cost developers. There will be a separate API request for voting, loading feeds, comments and more. One will have to pay Reddit thousands of dollars as fees each day.

Reddit wants Boost For Reddit and other third-party apps to move to a subscription model. As per this, the users will have to pay a monthly subscription to use apps, access Reddit and also get user-generated content.  

As Reddit is not ready to resolve the issue many third-party apps have decided to part ways with it. This move by the developers is a show of solidarity to express their unhappiness against Reddit’s move.

Other Third-Party Apps Leaving Reddit:

Not only Boost For Reddit but other third-party apps have also decided to leave the platform:

  • RIF shut down on June 30, 2023.
  • Apollo has closed down from June 30th. 
  • BaconReader: from June 30, 2023
  • Sync shut on June 30, 2023

But there are many users who insist that Boost For Reddit is still functioning for them. Seems like it is rolling out slowly so enjoy till it lasts and that can be anytime soon

Alternatives For Boost:

Here are some of the best alternatives to Boost For Reddit?

  • Infinity for Reddit. Free • Open Source. Social Network….
  • Slide for Reddit. Free • Open Source. Android….
  • Libreddit. Free • Open Source. Online….
  • Stealth. Free • Open Source. Android….
  • RedReader. Free • Open Source. Social Network….
  • Joey for Reddit. Freemium • Proprietary. Android….
  • Geddit. Free • Open Source….
  • Rif is fun. Freemium • Proprietary….

Hope this article is helpful for you. 

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