What Is Reddit Ban Evasion (2024) – Explained

Reddit is a social network where users share news stories, discuss topics, and more. Reddit also gives users an open space to exchange opinions and respond to content. 

But it can also ban users from going against their terms and services. However, some of the users continue participating by using alternative accounts. 

This is known as Reddit Ban Evasion.

Reddit Ban evasion can also refer to a community being created to serve the same objective as the previously banned community. 

Both are a violation of Reddit’s rules and could result in suspension. Evading bans can result in the suspension of accounts. 

How Does Reddit Detect Ban Evasion? 

Reddit has a tool called AutoModerator that can detect and block content and users that violate Reddit’s rules. Subreddit moderators can also report ban evasion to site administrators. 

Attempting to reconstitute a banned subreddit and creating a new one is a ban evasion offence. This is handled directly by Reddit’s administrators and does not require a moderator report.

The Reddit Ban evasion filter is a safety setting that lets moderators automatically filter posts and comments from suspected subreddit ban evaders. ‍

Where To Set Up The Ban Evasion Filter?

To set up the ban evasion filter, go to your community’s Mod Tools and tap on Safety under the Moderation section.  The moderators will need to Manage Settings permissions to settings.   

The setting is controlled by a toggle, and when it is turned on there are sub-settings that allow you to limit how much content is filtered.   

As soon as you enable the ban evasion filter, you will be able to see the content displayed in a mod queue along with the user’s information.  

To minimize your Reddit account from being banned do not share the same content that led to a ban on your new account. Engage with different topics and do not use any content from the banned account. 

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