How To Use Reddit Reverse Image Search (May 2024)

If you want to find the original source or related information about an image, the Reddit Reverse Image Search can help you out. 

Among its many features, Reddit offers a powerful reverse image search tool that allows users to trace the origins of an image, identify similar images, or find relevant discussions related to the image.

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the Reddit Reverse Image Search feature, discussing its benefits and how you can start using it. 

Let us take a look at how you can use this feature to make your image search simpler. 

How To Use Reddit Reverse Image Search Effectively? 

To utilize Reddit’s reverse image search, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to Reddit’s homepage ( If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Otherwise, log in using your existing credentials.
  • Once logged in, click on the “Submit a new link” button located on the right side of the page.
  • On the “Submit a new link” page, you will find an option labeled “Choose File” or “Upload Image.” Click on this option to select the image you want to search for.
  • Navigate to the location on your device where the desired image is stored, select it, and click on the “Open” button.
  • Wait for the image to upload. Depending on the image’s size and your internet connection, this process may take a few seconds or longer.
  • Once the image has finished uploading, Reddit’s reverse image search will display a list of results.

The results page will showcase posts, comments, or discussions related to the uploaded image. You can click on each result to explore the associated content in detail.

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If the initial results aren’t satisfactory, you can refine your search by using additional keywords or tweaking your query. 

You can improve your reverse image search experience by following the tips given below. 

Add Keywords

If the initial results don’t match your expectations, try adding relevant keywords to the search query.  

These keywords could be related to the subject matter, objects in the image, or any recognizable details.

Modify Search Filters

Reddit’s reverse image search provides various filters to narrow down your results. These filters include sorting results by new, top, controversial, and even limiting the search to specific subreddits.

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Benefits Of Reddit Reverse Image Search

There are multiple benefits of using the Reddit Reverse Image Search. Let us take a look at them below.

Source Verification

With the rapid spread of information online, it is crucial to verify the authenticity and originality of an image. 

It enables users to determine whether an image has been edited, manipulated, or falsely attributed.

Content Research

Researchers, journalists, and content creators can benefit from the Reddit reverse image search by finding additional context or related information about an image. 

This feature can uncover valuable insights, historical context, or different perspectives associated with an image.

Detecting Image Misuse

Reverse Image Search helps identify instances of image misuse, such as unauthorized reposts or instances where an image has been falsely attributed to a specific event or person.

 By finding the original source, users can report violations or seek proper permissions for image usage.

Finding Similar Images

If you come across an image that piques your interest and want to find similar images, the Reddit reverse image search can help you explore related content. 

This can be especially useful for discovering related artworks, products, or visual inspirations.

In conclusion, the Reddit reverse image search is a powerful feature that empowers users to discover the origins, context, and related discussions associated with an image. 

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